About Us

Who We Are

KCT Building Material is a Company That Has Been Active in Construction Field, By Preparing High Qulality and First Grade of White Body Tiles And Porcelain Ceramics In Different Type of sizes, Colors and Effects is Ready To Support The Projects in Uae And All Over The World, KCT International Group With Mutual Cooperation Of KCT s.l. Company In Spain That Has Focused On Providing The High Quality Of Lux Products For Customers. The Supply Of High Quality Tiles And Ceramics Along With The Latest Designs And Surfaces Of The World With The Continuous Approval And Supervision Of Technical And Expert Technicians Of Spain Has Made KCT Brand As One of The Leading Brands in Tile And Ceramic Industry. With The Experience Of Participating In Successful European And Asian Projects, Research And Development, Accurate Understanding Of Customer Needs, KCT Building Material Company Has Gathered An Exclusive Collection Of Unique Designs With The Highest Quality And Has Made Customer Satisfaction The Priority Of Its Goals.

What We Do

KCT Building Material Company Is Ready To Serve And Deliver In The Uae And All Over The World By Supplying Requests That Related To Luxury Projects And Customers With The Highest Quality Porcelain Ceramic And White Body Tiles And Slabs In Various Size And Designs.

Our history

KCT BUILDING MATERIAL is an international company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization with a world reference in the Ceramic sector. KCT has been active in the construction for over 20 years offering our own as well as exclusive ranges of white body tiles and porcelain ceramics in various sizes and designs. It has since undergone progressive growth and strong expansion, becoming a leader in the field and contributing to the industry with innovation and technology.
Our company specializes in finding bespoke and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large-scale installations all around the world. We have export to five continents and showrooms all around the world. Over the years, KCT has become synonymous with innovation. New techniques are diligently applied to create tiles that stand apart and speak the language of your soul. Hence every year, we come up with exciting new concepts that voice new emotions and keep up with current trends.

Our commitment

We have our own experts in the material selecting from the countries the materials originated from, where our affiliated operating companies manage production based on market demand. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and perspective appreciation of architecture and designs are two constants that made us what we are today.
All of our products are checked and tested before being placed on the market. Exclusive and standard range of products are checked in our laboratory facilities to carry out high-level projects combining tradition and experience with most innovative technology. In our creative Lab, day after day we break
down every technological and stylistic barrier; We chart new frontier in ceramic processing and develop bespoke collection inspired by the boundless wonder of nature.
Our attention to detail enables us to think big, even in terms of numbers. With our integrated warehouse management and material storage systems, large available spaces and efficient working method, thanks to our highly mechanized production process and logistics we are able to handle any request and manage large orders.

Mission, Vision and Values

The vision of our business is to be the forefront of the worldwide business of the Ceramic producing. Continuously innovative and develop our products, systems, processes and services to ultimately have a satisfied customer base, create value for the shareholder and have a motivated and qualified staff. Our values are performance, success, integrity, motivation and flexibility. Team spirit is present in all our activities; We face our challenges together and in a professional manner.